"Opt-E-Horse Complete keeps my horse in top condition and well balanced both physically and mentally. I enjoy feeding your product, believe in it and will continue to use it in my feeding program."
Dallas Chaplin
Ft. Madison, Iowa

1998 Iowa Rodeo Association Barrels Champion

"We try to keep our horse's weight up for all the folks who come to inspect him throughout the year as the prospective sire of their next foal. It can be difficult to keep a breeding stallion in good weight. Opt-E-Horse Complete has kept him in such good condition this year - and now his feet! My farrier husband thought his feet had started growing faster and healthier since starting on Opt-E-Horse Complete."
Debra Brooks
Goodlettsville, Tennessee

Paint Horse Breeder

" At 26, Nava Joys Handful began to lose weight and looked dull and listless. We tried many remedies including extensive dental work and senior feeds, as well as a number of supplements. A dealer suggested Opt-E-Horse, as a fecal analysis showed that Nava was not digesting her feed. Today, at 28, Nava's coat shines, she's gained all of her youthful weight back and she has a spring in her step. Opt-E-Horse and now Opt-E-Horse Complete made the difference! A scoop a day has added years to her life and kept her healthy, fit and bright."
Janet St. Pierre
Winthrop, NY

"The performance and overall health of my horses is so much better now that we have Opt-E-Horse Complete. We would not even consider doing without Opt-E-Horse Complete. Our colicky horse no longer colics. Our horse's leg stiffness has improved. Coats are shinier. Dispositions are better. We love it."
Diane Kroupa
Cherryville, Missouri

"Opt-E-Horse Complete is palatable and easy to feed with quality performance and good looks as a reward. The original Opt-E-Horse was so good I really had to look hard for improvement, but did notice a considerable difference in coat while feeding the new Opt-E-Horse Complete. My 4-year-old gelding went from dry, cracking hooves to feet that are actually a joy to shoe! Also, our mare is much easier to haul when Opt-E-Horse Complete is part of our program."
Tom Potter
Marion, Kentucky

PRCA Calf Roper

"My Thoroughbred showed noticeable weight gain after about 10 days of starting Opt-E-Horse Complete (after we tried other products for two months with no improvement). All the horses in the barn are looking fantastic!"
Karin Weitzner
Cleveland, OH

Horse Trainer

Shantal Rosales says she wasn't sure if her 5-year-old Belgian Draft stallion, "Intrepid", whom she'd been using for hunting would have the stamina for eventing. However, she did know that Intrepid had "the heart and athletic ability." Shantal picks up her story for us from there . . .

I saw an ad for Opt-E-Horse Complete and decided to give it a try. That was back in November, it's now mid-February and I am proud to say that we just finished our first Horse Trials 5th out of 36. When we completed the cross country course, Intrepid felt like he had enough energy to do it all again!! We are looking forward to a prosperous year in eventing! Thanks Opt-E-Horse Complete!!!
Shantal M. Rosales
Westmorland, TN

"My vet recommended Opt-E-Horse Complete for my barrel horse. My horse's stamina has improved, tie ups have been eliminated and his soft hooves have improved."
Bill Bateman
Albany, Georgia

"I would highly recommend Opt-E-Horse Complete to any horseowner that wants to give their horses that extra energy without the "hot" side effects of other supplements. My horses have shown more energy and stamina after long workouts and seem to run harder and faster in competition since I've been giving them Opt-E-Horse Complete."
Lisa Colley
Greenup, Kentucky

Barrel Horse Trainer

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